What exactly is the Anaconda Cut?

Local Guides, 04 April 2019

On the Salford border, a stone’s throw away from the hustle and bustle of Manchester city centre, stands Anaconda Cut, shimmering in the sunlight. At 44 storeys, it is the tallest building in Salford and the second tallest Build to Rent (BtR) building in the UK. But that’s not the only reason it has achieved notoriety. It caused a stir when its name was announced earlier this year.

Anaconda Cut is a striking name for a striking building, but what exactly does it mean?

The answer lies in a little-known piece of Salford’s history, and involves the River Irwell.

With its snakelike and meandering appearance, the Irwell resembles an anaconda. Winding its way through Salford and Manchester’s city centre, the Irwell’s banks became host to an explosion of factories and mills as business boomed during the Industrial Revolution. With these new demands on the river, the waters became increasingly polluted and flooding became a problem, particularly in Salford.

In 1946, severe flooding caused by a bottleneck at a bend in the river at Strangeways prompted the decision to widen the Irwell by making a cut in the bank and straightening out the sharp elbow. The work took years – starting in 1951, it was completed in 1970 – and was called the Anaconda Cut.

When it came to naming our new development, we took inspiration from this feat of engineering.

Anaconda Cut is situated on the banks of the Irwell, close to the location of its namesake. Taking inspiration from the river and in particular the work done to reduce flooding and make the area safer for its surrounding community, we also knew such an outstanding building needed a unique name.

A bold and audacious name, Anaconda Cut encapsulates both the history and geography of the area. We are delighted to welcome residents to a development as unique as its name.

So there you have it – the original Anaconda Cut was a project to reshape a sharp bend in the River Irwell, and a little-known triumph in Salford’s history. The new Anaconda Cut, meanwhile, is Salford’s most exciting BtR development.

To enquire about our 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments at Anaconda Cut – with deposit free and pet friendly options available – contact our friendly team today!

What exactly is the Anaconda Cut?
What exactly is the Anaconda Cut?
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What exactly is the Anaconda Cut?
What exactly is the Anaconda Cut?
What exactly is the Anaconda Cut?

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