Under 1 month left of lockdown – here’s how you can make the most of Anaconda Cut. 

Inspiration, 28 June 2021



Yoga has long been recognised for its health benefits. It’s known to improve flexibility and strength but Yoga can also provide huge benefits in aiding relaxation. Find joy in balance at our onsite yoga studio. With regular classes, it’s great for de-stressing, re-charging and connecting with your neighbours. Move to the sound of the city and get that golden hour glow when classes are held outside on our 17th floor terrace.  


Yoga classes are held in the studio every Wednesday at 6pm. 



New Bootcamp 

Sociality has been a key factor that has kept our residents going throughout lockdown and that doesn’t have to stop. We have newly partnered with V1BE fitness, who’s studio is over on Dale street, and they are bringing their bootcamp to Anaconda Cut. You can take the bootcamp at your own pace but make no mistake Bootcamps are a group effort and offer great social opportunities.  


Fitness bootcamp’s are held in the gym studio every Thursday at 6pm.


Yoga Studio In Salford Flat Manchester

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