6 Ways to Stay Sane During Lockdown

Inspiration, 05 March 2021

We’ve seen and heard it all before within the last year of lockdown, but here’s a little reminder of what can help you keep sane and boost your mood during lockdown. Many of us are feeling the effects of lockdown, from doing the same thing over and over, not being able to see friends and family or allowed to go out to bars and restaurants. It’s important to make sure you look after your mental health during these times so here are 6 ways to keep your mind busy and occupied during these times.


Listen to Music

Listening to music is especially helpful during times of isolation such as the world is currently experiencing due to the coronavirus lockdown, offering a feeling of companionship which can help the listener’s feelings of loneliness. So hit the play button and listen to your favourite playlist. If you’re stuck for things to listen to or looking for inspiration, check out this mood boosting playlist on Spotify.

Mood Boosting Playlist


Try Cooking/Baking 

Another way to keep your mind active during lockdown is by cooking or baking something new. It’s a great way to keep busy and take your mind off things and will create a great sense of satisfaction whilst also increasing your repertoire of recipes. There are lots of recipes online that you can choose from which isn’t your typical banana bread! Have a look on BBC Good Food or Jamie Oliver for some inspiration.


Read a Book 

Give yourself a break from the technology which takes over out lives and get your hands on a good old fashioned book. There’s nothing like the weight of a book in your hands and turning the pages. A new survey has revealed that people in the UK have almost doubled the amount of time they spend reading books since lockdown began. So why not give it a try? If you’re stuck for inspiration, here are the top reads of 2020 (2020 Top Reads). If you fancy getting stuck into a classic but unsure of which one, have a look here for some inspiration Classic Reads.


Get your daily exercise in!

Any amount of exercise can help boost mood and is a well-known way of managing mental health problems, such as low mood and anxiety. You can get your daily exercise in many different forms. You can wrap up and go for a nice walk/run through the city of Manchester, you’ll feel refreshed and you wont regret it! Another way to get your exercise in is by doing a home workout in your living room! Here at Anaconda, we currently hold virtual yoga and fitness classes each week which is 100% free! Why not get involved and give them a try Fitness Class & Yoga.


Donate to Charity 

Donate to a good cause, old clothes, items of food, devices or some money to your chosen charity. Whilst being told to stay home, many might feel helpless to the situation we find ourselves in. Donating might help someone else who may also be in a tough situation during these times. By donating these sort of things, it will make you feel better about yourself knowing you’re helping someone out in need. We have a charity food bank in the reception lobby and a charity clothes container in the bin store if you want to give it a go! 


Phone a friend or family member

Phone a friend – time spent in front of the screen on virtual calls can be draining, then catching up on WhatsApp messages in the evening can feel like admin. Picking up the 

phone to catch up with a friend can increase a sense of connection. Researchers at Yale University found that our emotional intelligence is more acute when someone’s voice is the only cue, and our attention to subtle differences in vocal tones increases. They allow for a sense of immediacy and intimacy. So pick up the phone and have a good natter to take your mind of things, a phone call can help reduce all those worries or stresses. 

Mental Health Charities 

If you are struggling, there are lots of mental health charities available to speak to. They can offer you advice and help you through the hard times you may be having. There’s always someone to speak to for advice.




0330 123 3393 




0800 58 58 58 




116 123 







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