5 Interior Design Trends Your Apartment Needs In Summer 2019

Inspiration, 04 June 2019

At Anaconda Cut, we’ve created beautiful, spacious, modern apartments with everything you need for an elevated lifestyle. But we also know how important those little personal touches can be when creating a home. Whether you’re a die-hard design fan or simply starting out in your first apartment and looking for ideas to jazz it up, we’re here to help. We’ve rounded up the top 5 interior design trends your apartment needs this summer.

1 – Maximalism

While minimalism has been in the spotlight in recent years, maximalism has also been enjoying a resurgence. Mixing patterns, colours and textures is a daunting prospect, but by embracing the joy of clashing aesthetics you can create something truly special and unique.

In particular, jungle prints are enjoying immense popularity right now. A splash of leopard or zebra print, or a kooky animal lamp, can bring a new energy to any room. Metallic accents look especially striking when paired with a loud print; consider tableware, frames and vases with a hint of bronze.

Go all out with your soft furnishings – we’re talking scatter cushions, mismatched throws, and intricately patterned tasselled rugs. Candles are an easy way to introduce maximalism into a room, too – with the bonus of being able to choose your favourite scents.

2 – Botanical

We’ve all seen the surge in houseplants and nature-themed décor, and this charming trend is here to stay. You can start small with live plants, such as a miniature cactus or terrarium, or take on statement plants like the iconic monstera deliciosa, beloved of many a house-proud Instagram star.

Not confident in your ability to keep a plant alive? No worries! Instead, go wild with nature-themed accessories like floral bedding and cushions. For a more subtle botanical influence, simply introduce small elements of natural colour – perhaps some elegant green drinking glasses or tableware.

For a twist on the botanical trend, we love bamboo. Naturally antibacterial, it’s a great choice of material for your bathroom storage, helping to keep your belongings fresh. Plus, the addition of bamboo accents to a bathroom instantly creates a zen, spa-like feel – perfect for relaxing!

3 – Bold colour

With the floor to ceiling windows of our stylish apartments flooding the living space with plenty of natural light, Anaconda Cut is the perfect place to unleash your boldest design dreams.

Soft furnishings are a great way to embrace this trend. We recommend investing in a reversible bedding set with a different bold hue on each side, or maybe jazzing up open-plan flooring with a brightly coloured rug.

For your walls, consider a brightly coloured print. Contemporary cartoon or pop art style designs work well for this. These little splashes of bold colour can really make a predominantly neutral room pop, and are a great way to test whether or not a bold colour palette is right for you.

4 – Retro

Equally suited to the fashion-conscious and the ethically-conscious, retro is experiencing a huge resurgence. The great thing about this trend is its sheer diversity; not specific to any particular period, the retro styles of 2019 are a celebration of multiple previous design eras.

From the statement colours of the 1970s to the glamorous richness of 1930s art deco, there’s something for everyone.

For example, upcycling existing accessories to match your chosen colour scheme is a great way to reuse pre-loved items. A recent trend involves covering items like side tables, bookcases, and shelving in self-adhesive vinyl – an easy way to update classic pieces again and again.

5 – Handmade sustainability

With the current focus on sustainability, earthy, handmade, and eco-friendly décor is becoming increasingly appealing and aspirational. Plus, using textures and colours inspired by nature is also a great way to create pockets of mindfulness and calm.

Embrace the charming imperfections of hand carved wooden pieces and the rough, rural textures of handwoven rugs and placemats, available from a range of sustainable and ethical brands – not only will they make your room look good, you’ll be doing good, too.

Want to take the handmade trend even further? Artisanal crafts like ceramics and woodwork are increasingly popular as people try their hand at making and decorating their own mugs, plates, vases and more. Find a class near you and get crafting – you’ll have something truly unique for your home!

If you’re looking for the perfect modern apartment to make your own, get in touch today to arrange a viewing!

5 Interior Design Trends Your Apartment Needs In Summer 2019
5 Interior Design Trends Your Apartment Needs In Summer 2019
5 Interior Design Trends Your Apartment Needs In Summer 2019
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5 Interior Design Trends Your Apartment Needs In Summer 2019

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